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Fermentation tank


Fermentation tank, refers to the industrial used for microbial fermentation device. Its main body is generally a main cylinder made of stainless steel plate, and its volume is from 1m3 to hundreds of m3. In the design and processing should pay attention to the structure is tight, reasonable. Can withstand steam sterilization, have a certain operating flexibility, internal accessories to minimize (avoid dead ends), material and energy transfer performance is strong, and can be adjusted to facilitate cleaning, reduce pollution, suitable for the production of a variety of products and reduce energy consumption.

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※ equipment characteristic ※
Fermentation tank is a kind of equipment for mechanical stirring and fermentation of materials. The equipment adopts the internal circulation mode, uses the stirring paddle to disperse and break the bubbles, it has high oxygen dissolution rate and good mixing effect. The tank body adopts SUS304 or 316L imported stainless steel, and the tank is equipped with automatic spray cleaning machine head to ensure that the production process meets the GMP requirements.  

※ structure characteristic ※


  • Can be online CIP cleaning, SIP sterilization (121°C/0.1MPa).
  • According to the requirements of the health level design, the structure design is very user-friendly, easy to operate. Smooth transmission and low noise
  • Suitable diameter to height ratio design, customized mixing device, energy saving, stirring, fermentation effect is good.
  • The surface of the inner tank body is mirror-polished (roughness Ra≤ 0.4 & micro;m); The process openings such as inlet and outlet nozzles, sight glasses, manholes and the welding places of the inner tank body are all made of arc transition by stretching flanging process, which is smooth and easy to clean without dead corners, ensuring the reliability and stability of the production process and meeting the requirements of "cGMP" and other specifications.



※ of main ※ components


  • Tank body: mainly used to cultivate and ferment various thallus, with better sealing (to prevent thallus from being contaminated)
  • There is a stirring paddle in the tank for constant stirring during the fermentation process.
  • A bottom aeration Sparger used to pass air or oxygen needed for the growth of the bacteria.
  • There are control sensors on the top plate of the tank, the most commonly used are pH electrodes and DO electrodes, which are used to monitor the changes of pH and DO in the fermentation liquid during the fermentation process, and are used to display and control the fermentation conditions, etc.



※ of main technical parameters ※


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