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LH-RO-A primary reverse osmosis pure water device

The operation of high degree of automation, no manual guard; ◆ Automatic shutdown when water is full, automatic startup without water; ◆ Automatic control timing flushing pre-filter material; ◆ The microcomputer controller automatically flushes the reverse osmosis membrane; ◆ Adjust PH value online; ◆ Pure water conductivity online display, detection, such as unqualified will automatically return to the original water tank and alarm; The machine has memory function, so the production data can be viewed at any time.

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1. The reverse osmosis pure water system adopts different processes according to different source water quality. After the general tap water is treated by the primary reverse osmosis system, the conductivity of the produced water is less than 10 μS/cm, and after the secondary reverse osmosis system, the conductivity of the produced water is less than 3 μS/cm. After the reverse osmosis system is supplemented by ion exchange equipment or EDI equipment, ultrapure water can be prepared, so that the resistivity can reach 18 megohm 25 ℃ (about 0.056 μS/cm).
The core part of the reverse osmosis pure water system is the reverse osmosis membrane, which is also the key to determine the quality of the produced water, but the advantages and disadvantages of the pretreatment process of the reverse osmosis system (also known as the pretreatment system) is the key to determine the stable operation of the reverse osmosis system.
3. Standard configuration and function of pretreatment system:
3.1. Dosing device: add reducing agent to neutralize chloride ion in raw water and protect reverse osmosis membrane.
3.2. Raw water pump: pressurize the raw water into the pretreatment system.
3.3. Sand filter: the filler is quartz sand, which can remove suspended solids, colloids, rust, large particles of impurities and some microorganisms in the water (such as red worms, etc.).
3.4. Carbon filter: The filler is high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, which can remove organic matter in water and chlorine smell, peculiar smell, pesticide and colloid not removed by sand filter in tap water, so as to prolong the service life of the membrane.
3.5. If the raw water is groundwater with high content of metal ions such as iron, calcium and magnesium, a water softening device can be used.
3.6. Security filter device: 5umPP filter element is installed, which can remove all impurities with pore size above 5um.
The above process is called the pretreatment system of the RO device, and the main function is to pretreat the raw water to ensure the normal use of the RO device and reach a certain service life.
The pretreated raw water enters the RO system through a high-pressure pump. This RO system adopts imported membrane modules, and the desalination rate of the whole set is 97%-98%. Under the water quality conditions in China, the effluent can directly meet the national drinking water standard (conductivity ≤ 10us/cm).
4, imported parts up to more than 90%.
5. Tap water → booster pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → water softening filter → 5um security filter → high pressure pump → RO reverse osmosis device → pure water tank → water point.


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※ multi-effect distilled water machine ※
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The machine adopts the principle of tube falling film evaporation, the raw water through a special distributor evenly cloth film flow on the tube wall, greatly improving the evaporation efficiency, and the use of special spiral separation device, can reliably remove the pyrogen and particles. The second steam is repeatedly used to give full play to the heat energy and has obvious energy-saving effect. It is an ideal distilled water equipment for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, electronics, scientific research and other industries.

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